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14k and 10k yellow gold amethyst rings

14k and 10k yellow gold, 14k and 10k white gold and sterling silver amethyst rings can be found on the pages below. Some of the popular cuts and shapes of rings made with amethysts are brilliant cut, briolette, cushion cut, heart-shaped, marquise-shaped, oval-shaped, pear-shaped, rectangular-shaped, round-shaped, trilliant cut and others. Quite a few rings will have rhodium plating to give them an even more sparkly look.

Amethyst is a gemstone that everybody can wear. It’s ideal for a child’s ring and many men seem to favor amethyst as a gemstone, too. It’s definitely my favorite gemstone and I wear my amethyst jewelry with everything. Casual or dressy, to me it’s perfect with just a pair of jeans or a pretty dress.

Yellow gold amethyst rings - 14k and 10k yellow gold rings in heart-shaped, oval-shaped and round-shaped designs. Some of these purple amethyst gemstone rings are accented with diamonds.

White gold amethyst rings - 14k and 10k white gold rings in oval-shaped, pear-shaped and round-shaped designs. Some are accented with diamonds.

Sterling silver amethyst rings - Amethyst rings on this page are all in sterling silver. Choices are oval-shaped, rectangle-shaped, round-shaped and square-shaped.