Sterling silver amethyst brooches

Below are some sterling silver amethyst brooches that have been designed and created by artists around the world including India and Indonesia. Some are from villages where their families have worked with silver for several generations and that knowledge passed down, others evolved into the jewelry designing world after first being in fashion design. What they share is they're all very talented and have beautiful jewelry. I've never really understood why some people refer to this type of jewelry as a brooch or a pin. Am not positive but I think if a piece of jewelry is small it's referred to as a pin and if it's a larger piece of jewelry it's referred to as a brooch.

Amethyst floral brooch pin, 'Mystic Bouquet' (India)
'Mystic Bouquet' amethyst floral brooch Alok Jain's floral brooch is crafted of rhodium plated sterling silver. Features amethyst buds that total 3.5 gemstone carats. Measures 2 inches long and 0.8 inches wide. Novica
Amethyst floral brooch pin, 'Lilac Story' (India)
'Lilac Story' amethyst floral brooch Vines are od rhodium plated sterling silver. Alok Jain's floral brooch features 7 carats of amethyst gemstones. Measures 2 inches long and 1.2 inches wide. Novica
Amethyst brooch pin, 'Purple Paisley' (India)
'Purple Paisley' amethyst brooch Alok Jain's amethyst floral brooch is crafted of sterling silver in a paisley shape. Is rhodium-plated. Measures 2.8 inches long and 1.2 inches wide. Novica
Amethyst floral brooch pin, 'Lavish Lilies' (India)Floral amethyst brooch/pin
'Lavish Lilies' floral amethyst broochSilver amethyst brooch Designed by Alok Jain this "Lavish Lilies" floral design brooch has 6 amethysts that total 3.5 carats. They're set on a pin crafted of rhodium plated sterling silver. Novica
Pearl and amethyst brooch pin, 'Misty Dew' (Indonesia)Amethyst and pearl
'Misty Dew' amethyst and pearl broochAmethyst and pearl Crafted in sterling silver "Misty Dew" by Nyoman Rena this amethyst and pearl brooch emulates the beauty of a Balinese flower with pearl dew drops. Novica
Amethyst brooch pin Enchanted Dragonfly (Indonesia)Amethyst dragonfly pin
'Enchanted Dragonfly'Sterling silver and amethyst dragonfly brooch Designed by Putu Putri is as the name suggests. One amethyst stone surrounded by a very detailed design all in sterling silver. Novica
Amethyst brooch pin pendant Bright Butterfly (Indonesia)Sterling silver and amethyst butterfly pin
'Bright Butterfly'Amethyst brooch Putu Putri is the designer of 'Bright Butterfly'. Delicate design in sterling silver of a beautiful butterfly. Amethyst stone that totals 1 carat in the center. Can also be worn as a pendant. Novica
Amazing! Amethyst Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant / Brooch
Amethyst quartz sterling silver pendant/brooch Can be worn as a brooch or pendant. Dimensions are 1 1/8 inch long, 2 1/2 inches wide and weighs 10.10g. Handmade butterfly design is done in sterling silver with one amethyst stone in the middle. Silver Rush Style
Amethyst and quartz brooch pin Silver Turtle (India)Sterling silver amethyst turtle brooch pin
Silver and amethyst broochAmethyst and quartz silver turtle brooch pin Designer Nidhi has created this whimsical silver turtle. Turtle is sterling silver and rhodium-plated. Is covered with quartz crystals and faceted amethyst gemstones. Novica