About Purplebear's Jewelry

This is where I'm supposed to tell you a little bit about this site and myself. I'll start with the obvious. I do very much like purple and teddy bears. In October of 2003 I made my first site Have made several others on topics close to my heart through the years as well. Most everyone I know likes jewelry so in 2006 I made this site featuring amethyst and other types of purple jewelry. Amethyst jewelry can be quite fancy and expensive but a lot of it is quite affordable which makes it a great choice for many of us.

All the jewelry on this site is some shade of purple and prices vary so there's something for everyone. If you have jewelry naturally you need a place to put it so I've found some purple jewelry boxes I thought you might like. Since I'm assuming most of my visitors are like me and love purple you can find some purple fashion accessories as well.

First teddy

Have tried to think of a way for you to maybe get to know me a little better. Looking through some old family pictures think I may have found a couple that might just do that. They're a bit old and not the best photos but each in their own way will tell you a little about me. So, go ahead and take a peek if you'd like.

Here's a very tiny me with my very first teddy bear. Still have him, too. He's aged quite a bit and definitely has seen much better days so he's not in the best of shape. He and I have been together for quite some time though and going our separate way just hasn't seemed like a very nice option. Guess when you think about it, our teddy bears are usually our very first friends. Not exactly sure why, but they seem to be very comforting to us when we're little and most times at least seem to make us not quite as scared of things while they're with us.

Purple prom dress
Think this was taken before my Junior Prom. Color of the dress probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to any of you. It was lavender with little white daisies. It had white lace around the collar and cuffs. There was a matching purple velvet sash tied around the waist and it had lots of tiny purple buttons. Was actually a Simplicity bridal pattern and my Mom made it. Had gone to four different proms and she made the dresses for all of them.

Growing up I never thought of our family as poor but know my Mom did without quite a few things so her children weren't without some things. When it came around to prom time, buying a prom dress was never considered but I think the dress she made was just as nice as any that would've been bought. I had my own little fashion designer who made it just the way I wanted. When my boyfriend at the time's little sister said I looked like a princess....I knew that would make my Mom happy.

So, by now I'm sure you've realized that, I'm very sentimental and chose to include this picture because it shows me wearing something purple and is a very nice memory I have of my Mom. Not sure if angels really do exist, but if they do I know one who'll be smiling. I loved my Mom very much and miss her very much. I so wish she would've been able to see my sites but being the objective Mom she was when it came to her children, I know she would've loved all of them.

Hope you like this site and will come back to visit often. Feel free to share it with others you know who love purple or even those who don't.. Thank you for visiting and if any of you would like to contact me, I'd love to hear from you.